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Download Audio: How To Make Your Story Awesome

Daily Nuggets | | Kerry Suddes

Nick recorded a fantastic audio on a favorite topic: How To Make Your Story Awesome.

We are sharing the audio here for your listening pleasure – and we have only one small request! If you listen and find value, please take 2 minutes and send us your biggest takeaway.

As gratitude, we’ll send you a PDF of the Engagement Toolkit.

Audio Description:

How To Make Your Story Awesome.

The story you use to maximize funding…
The story that brings rockstar talent to your doorstep and fully engages your team…
The story that you tell yourself every day to stay focused and fulfilled.

Story adds passion, purpose and urgency to your message, plan and everyday actions.
  • Is your story about needing more money? Or changing lives?
  • Do you have a good story that helps get to the ask?
  • Do you have a story that engages the board as passionate champions and advocates?
This 45 minute audio will:
  • Share examples of stories used at organizations to address these questions.
  • How to overcome common challenges to funding, action and engagement.
  • Give you several actionable tools use can use to DISCOVER your story and make it AWESOME.

Download audio call notes