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Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Daniels Pink’s new book. Great writer, thinker.

    • Challenges the orthodoxy of ‘carrots and sticks’ to motivate.

    • Argues that the most enduring MOTIVATION is both EXTERNAL and INTERNAL (both/and). Things that we do for our own satisfaction.

    • Big point of ‘watching’ vs. ‘doing’‘watching’ vs. ‘engaging’!

    *States that someone born in 1960 has watched 50,000 hours of television already! More than 5 1/2 solid years!

    • A great quote/thought:

    “People have always had a lot of FREE TIME. FREE TIME has mainly been something to be USED UP… rather than USED.” (!)

    *Talks about the build-up of ‘free time’ among the world’s educated population as equaling a trillion hours a year!!! How can we treat this as a NEW RESOURCE… a kind of ‘cognitive surplus’?

    • Love the THIRD DRIVE! Pink thinks that our biological drive is around 3 things:

      Drive #1: Eat when we’re hungry. Drink when we’re thirsty. Etc.

      Drive #2: Respond to rewards and punishments in our environment.

      Drive #3: We do things because they’re interesting and because they’re engaging and because they’re the right things to do and because they contribute to the world. (!!!)

      “Our Third Drive, intrinsic motivation, is the most powerful.”

    • Here’s a quote much like Drucker’s “ABANDON” thoughts.

    “Organizations that are founded to solve problems end up committed to the preservation of those problems.” WOW!

Special Note: What I love about the Third Drive and Pink’s book is that it reinforces the whole idea of trying to find ‘Best & Brightest’! His book is really all about WHY people work. States very emphatically that the new generation wants to be involved in something with a PURPOSE… not just a PAYCHECK!

Where’s the best place to find this? At FOR IMPACT ORGANIZATIONS!!!

(Added from Nick)
Carol just sent me a link to this youtube video whiteboarding Dan Pink’s speech. AWESOME