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Special Address – On Third Sector Funding & The Economy

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Listen-on-demand: Special Teleconference – Recorded Friday, Oct 3, 2008

What the financial crisis means to “nonprofit fundraising” and how to respond.
With Tom Suddes, a 35-year veteran of the third sector.

In the past two weeks we’ve received hundreds of questions about the economy, funding plans and financial uncertainty. Tom Suddes has prepared a special session to address these questions including:

  • What a ‘bailout’ and economic uncertainty mean to your organization.
  • How to respond (based on field experience from other economic crisis and field experience over the last six months).
  • An action plan including a conversation on the fundamentals which become increasingly important in a downturn.

As is always the case, Tom presents this ‘state of the sector’ as a challenge to change — giving listeners the clarity to move forward and a ‘shot in the arm’. The presentation lasts 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

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Download MP3 | Transcript (Word Doc)
Who this is for:

  • Board members and your best champions/benefactors
  • Development directors and development staff
  • CEOs, Presidents and Executive Directors