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Elevator Pitch: There Isn’t A Building Tall Enough!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I saw this clever cartoon by Jim Toomey in SHERMAN’S LAGOON.

Love that they’re at the “Entrepreneur’s Convention”. He’s going to enter the “Elevator Pitch Contest”. It’s a “fast and furious business proposal”. And, then there’s the result:

“By the end of the ride, you like me enough to give me money.”

The response:

“There isn’t a building tall enough!”
is both funny… and in so many of our cases, true.

In our For Impact World, great organizations:

    1. Know the goal isn’t to get money in the elevator!
    2. Have a ridiculously simple message… that can be conveyed in 3 floors!
    3. Still leave time to ask some questions of the ‘passenger’ in the elevator!