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First with the HEAD… then with the HEART. Bryce Courtenay (RIP)

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“The Power of One”

I’ve probably given away 500 copies of Bryce’s most inspirational book, THE POWER OF ONE (especially to my Notre Dame boxers). It is one of my all-time favorite, top 10 books.

It also provided one of the great lines I’ve read in my life. Hoppe, the boxing trainer, says to Peekay, the protagonist:

“First with the HEAD, then with the HEART.”

In our world (and the boxing world), that means first with the HEAD – think, strategize, prepare, practice… then with the HEART – present with enthusiasm, emotion, passion.

Note: As always, there’s a corollary to this:

“First with the HEART, then with the HEAD.”

This would be Zig Ziglar making his classic contribution to the sales profession: “People buy on EMOTION (HEART) then justify with LOGIC (HEAD).”

So, maybe the real story would go like this:

First with the HEAD… then with the HEART…then with the HEAD.

Thank you, Bryce Courtenay, for sharing your gifts and stories with the world.

Last week, Bryce Courtenay, Australia’s most popular author, passed away at 79.