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Gates Foundation to Dissolve – Giving Away $38 Billion!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Bill and Melinda Gates announced today that they are absolutely blown away with the Point of View and Thought Leadership of FOR IMPACT, and want to help. They have decided to dissolve the Gates Foundation, and personally deliver $10M checks to the 380 For Impact organizations that Tom, Nick and Kerry determine are the best social entrepreneurs and most innovative For Impact organizations.

This just in: Warren Buffet has agreed to match the Gates’ commitment to For Impact organizations. $20 Million now available.

If you are interested in getting on the “short list”, simply email Tom or Nick and tell us WHY we should help pass along Bill’s, Melinda’s and Warren’s largess to your org.

***Please be sure to put today’s date (APRIL 1st) on your email. 🙂

BONUS: Tom and Nick will come in and talk with your BOARD and your TOP 3 INVESTORS… FOR FREE!

This is available to the first 33 organizations to email us and JUST ASK! (Again, please include today’s date (APRIL 1st) on your email.) 🙂

Special, Special Note: Perhaps best of all, FOR IMPACT announces FREE COACHING!

Filled with ‘35 years, 400 campaigns and billions of dollars raised’ worth of ideas, nuggets, how-to, audio and video demonstrations, etc., this is a great way to get Innovative, Inspirational, Idea-Filled stuff. Simply click your way around the site. (Today’s date is not necessary!)

Note: The first two announcements are ‘APRIL FOOLS’… designed in a fun way to grab your attention and make you look.

As Nick and I talked this morning, we actually wondered if there was $20 Million, $10 Million or even $1 Million available… how many organizations and leaders could put together a tight, one-page ‘WHY’ they should be considered for this type of investment?

All kidding aside, IF you really are looking for an innovative, creative, contrarian and non-traditional approach to bringing in a lot more money to Fund your Vision, contact us.

Yes, we do help great For Impact organizations raise large amounts of money.

Yes, we can have somebody from the For Impact team talk with your Board and staff.

Yes, we will even go out and make visits with you. (None of this is really ‘free’; but it truly doesn’t ‘cost’ anything. Your investment in making a Quantum Leap will be returned 100 to 1000-fold.)

Enjoy the rest of the day!