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This one’s making its way through twitter and the web’s pretty fast… and it should.

You probably already know about the Gates/Buffet challenge to Billionaires, asking them to pledge to give away half their fortunes.

Now they have a dead simple website: It includes the pledge letter from each billionaire. I haven’t been through all the letters but they’re pretty powerful and most offer some insight. That is, they’re not just some fluffy PR letter but show a genuine glimpse into the thinking of these committed philanthropists.

Making an ask soon? I urge you to read a few of these letters before heading out. While these may be 40 letters from Billionaires, I assure you the only difference between them and the person you may ask for $100K is the level of organized thinking around common thoughts and desires. Your neighborhood philanthropist has these SAME feelings, thoughts… just hasn’t taken the time to be as formal in outlining the WHY and the STRATEGY.