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Storytelling And Authenticity

Message and Case for Support | | Tom Suddes

If you could pull together the last two emails on AUTHENTICITY and STORYTELLING… you will see a HUGE CONNECTION! To be the best STORYTELLER , you, obviously, need to be AUTHENTIC !!!

I’m not really that big on “politics”, but it’s hard not to follow what’s going in the primaries (because it’s everywhere!)

One thing I find fascinating is all the Republican references to Ronald Reagan, who in my humble apolitical opinion, was nothing but a masterful STORYTELLER. ( “The best Presidential COMMUNICATOR”) . Regardless of your affiliations, look at Obama storyteller where his jump to the national spotlight was his speech at the last convention; Hillary’s recent episode (breakdown = authentic/real); McCain as prisoner of war storyteller; Romney’s “story” about business, the Salt Lake City Olympics, Mormon, etc.; Rudy’s 9/11 (almost “unbroken record”) story, etc.

POLITICS/STORYTELLING. Funding Your Vision is story/storytelling. Life is story/ storytelling.