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Been dealing a lot lately with this whole concept of CHANGE. *Was even thinking of hiring a Director of Change Management until I saw this Scott Adam’s Dilbert yesterday.

Putting together a Guidebook ON CHANGE, but wanted to get you thinking about this topic with a story about one of my favorite ‘thought leaders’, LDV.


Forty years before Copernicus revolutionized the world view, Leonardo da Vinca said, “THE SUN DOES NOT MOVE.” Both were born on a flat, unmoving planet in the center of the universe, around which the SUN CIRCLED.

A century after their deaths, that same planet was a rotating sphere orbiting around the sun somewhere in a universe too vast to even have a center! The church tried to suppress this as heresy. All of the best ‘THINKERS’ of the times thought this concept absurd.

The planet/solar system did not ‘CHANGE’, but the paradigm for understanding it had been turned inside out.

This story might help you re-think some of your own ‘systems’ and processes.