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Inc Mag: On the Road With a Super Salesman

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

I have a love affair with Inc. Magazine – (and, for perspective, I think Tom has a love affair with Fast Company). More than any other mag Inc gives me great stuff time and time again.

If you follow the thoughts we put out on fundraising using a sales process please pick up this months’ issue of Inc (April 2010). It’s all about sales. I just read the feature article: On the Road With a Supersalesman. It’s one of those articles I wish I wrote. It mixes real sales stories with pithy advice from the article’s sales guru ‘Grizz Deal’.

  • “My role in the beginning of the meeting is to say just enough to get them talking, and once they start talking, I shut up.”
  • “The key is, you have to make people believe you believe. Like a sermon, you have to let it flow out. And then let it come back to you from the audience.”
  • “Never worry about how you’re doing in a meeting. Forcus on the other guy. Otherwise, it’s like watching your feet while you’re running. “

Ummm… it’s all great stuff.