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Jimmy V. And The Rule Of 3

Blog | | Tom Suddes

I had an opportunity to catch the replay of Jim Valvano’s famous ESPY Awards speech from 1993. (I caught it when I was working out while watching a little bit of a Notre Dame’s basketball game at the Jimmy V Classic.)

He began this incredible 10-minute presentation by stating that he “didn’t know how much time was left…” because he was fighting cancer. He went on to say that he’s a very “passionate and emotional man” and he wanted to share some things…

And, the ‘3 THINGS’ he shared all had ‘3 THINGS’!!!

*Just so you know, I love the RULE OF 3. It’s used in media, broadcasting, sales, presentations and so much more. All Jim Valvano did was reinforce this for me… in a very emotional and positive way.

  1. The 3 THINGS we should do every day:
    • LAUGH
    • THINK

    Jimmy V. said “THAT’S A FULL DAY!”

  2. (Another) 3 THINGS we should think about every day:
    • WHERE You Started…
    • WHERE You Are…
    • WHERE You’re Going To Be…
  3. The Lombardi/Valvano Locker Room Presentation around “THESE 3 THINGS”:He talks about his first pre-game speech as a ‘head’ coach with Rutgers Freshman Team. He ‘practiced’ his talk which he had ‘borrowed’ from Vince Lombardi. It went like this:

    “All eyes on me.

    We’ll be successful this year if we can focus on These 3 Things:

    • Your FAMILY
    • Your RELIGION
    • And the GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!”

Jimmy V’s closing is a great way to end ’07 and begin ’08.