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Napkin Notes – Nov 9

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Napkin Notes Nov 9

New Book - This goes to 'the community' Think Better / On Amazon Nick Fellers AFP Speaking/keynote this week Visual Data - Very Cool Blog Yep, we're going to go twitter

Napkin notes are remainder ideas/links, one-liners and chicken-scratch insights that haven’t been fully developed (yet).

  • Started reading this week. Great design, insights – had not heard of the website before.
  • A message is not what you say. It’s what someone hears…
  • Been speaking at a lot of AFP’s. I’m starting to think of the social sector in two (very) different silos: social entrepreneurs and the ‘afp-crowd’. Two types of orgs, types of conversations and ways of thinking. Speak to AFP-ers about CHANGE And SE’s about THINKING BIG(ER).
  • If you like visual data and design, check out Also found ‘The Big Picture‘ – a blog about macroeconomic stuff, the world… full of valuable reading.
  • “She only gives to events…” – said by one of my coaching clients (Donna 😉 ). I had to challenge this. People don’t give ‘to events’… they give to your cause, your org, the feeling/emotion/IMPACT. More than that, ‘she only gives to events’ was an assumption.
  • Starting to use more for more informal thoughts and quick conversations – especially with training camp alums and long-time readers.
  • Picked up Tactics of Hope this week, one gem in the book only gets one page but is a HUGE concept: The Encore Generation. Those that are 60+ and heading back out for an encore – to change the world.
  • Reading Think Better: One of those books purchased for the title alone. Started out awesome – need for better thinking, stories about better thinking, etc. Middle of book gets really into process/tactics.