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Notes From the Field: Some Big Reminders

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I did six training/coaching sessions in eight days. (The Diocese, a large Goodwill organization, Association of Independent Camps, a College, a YMCA and a For Impact Training Camp).

The BIG, BIG, BIG STUFF (that we sometimes forget) is so ridiculously SIMPLE, but incredibly powerful/impactful.

*These are pretty much in their order of their appearance.

  • You get what you measure.

    Activity, # of Visits, Presentations, etc. are ‘nice’. Productivity, Results, Commitments and Dollars are what drives your Impact ‘Engineā€.

  • Act Now.

    Stop waiting for perfection. Give yourself permission to act. Failure equals feedback. Prototype. Practice. Call it whatever you want. Just Act.

  • Go up, not down.

    When challenged or questioned… always go up in your presentation (to a higher level). It’s not about the detail (down). It’s about reminding them of the Purpose, Priorities, etc.

  • Think Big.

    I am constantly amazed myself how much easier it is to think big and present big than it is to try to pitch a mediocre survival plan.

  • Do the Math.

    This is the only way to set legitimate goals, explain scaling and growth, discuss priorities and the plan.

  • The Story.

    Presentation Tools aren’t always about Purpose, Priorities, Plan, or Buckets or Circles.

    They are always about the ‘STORY’. Flow and Framing. Use of Funds. How the prospect can help.

  • No Rules.

    Independent Camps had a huge sacred cow in feeling that since they were incorporated as a ‘for profit organization’ that they really couldn’t get ‘gifts’. When the paradigm was shifted and they talked about their IMPACT (on the kids), it literally changed everything.

  • The Message, at the highest level, is (almost) always right in front of you.

    HEAVEN. WORK. ORPHANS IN INDIA. KIDS and the OUTDOORS. (Yes, it really is that simple.)

  • The ‘CARD TRICK’ is still the best sales tip… ever! Have a goal. Ask questions. Listen. (Rinse and repeat.)

P.S. This is not something I learned but rather re-affirmed. My friend Jacqueline is one of the smartest and nicest people in the world.