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Objectives Before Activity

Personal | | Nick Fellers

Today’s nugget is simple. It’s simple to say, simple to comprehend… and not simple to PRACTICE.

The nugget (excerpt) comes from Practice Perfect: 42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better. (This is a ‘must read’ for every teacher or coach.

Many practices begin with the thought, “What am I going to do tomorrow?” (or even this afternoon!). When you ask this question, you are starting with an activity, not an objective—with the action, not the reason for it. In the end, you can’t decide if an activity is the right one to do until you know why you’re doing it. Instead, start by asking what you are going to accomplish, and then ask what the best route to that goal is. When an objective is made first, before the activity, it guides you in choosing or adapting your activities. When it comes second, after you decide what you’ll do, it is a justification.

Tied to this, is the management system of OKR. Management (and measurement) by Objectives and Key Results. The system is more simple than it is innovative (and that’s a good thing). Here is a good article with a video about how Google manages by Objectives and Key Results.