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On Board: The Board Challenge

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

ON BOARDS is a For Impact Guide to greater Board productivity and impact. I’ve done four or five Board Trainings/Facilitations/Coaching in the last few months… with some amazing, dedicated and committed Board Members/Champions.

Here is one of the things that you can find in ON BOARD.


If you are ‘uncomfortable’ sharing this (On Board) with your current Board Members… that would seem to signify a BIG problem.

If you are sharing this with your Board, we would like to encourage those individual Champions and Board Members to do these 3 things:

    1. Bring Your Leadership Skills! Bring your entrepreneurial, sales, business and community skills and talents to the proverbial table! If something doesn’t make sense, don’t ‘cop out’ by saying, “This is a ‘Not-for-Profit’. It must be okay.”
    “Leaders Lead.” My friend Bob Werner’s words. My emphasis. (Bob is a big-time Mensch and Jewish philanthropic superstar.) SUCCESS for any For Impact Organization is a direct result of LEADERS LEADING!
    Passion and commitment from LEADERSHIP will overcome all obstacles.
    2. Ask A Lot Of Questions! As long as you are a CHAMPION and truly believe in the CAUSE and the CASE, your questions are important and valuable….. and should be dealt with/answered.
    3. Challenge the Staff’s Thinking! The staff is committed, competent and also Champions for the cause. However, they are usually singularly focused on the Mission/Solution and delivering the Impact. They rarely have a business background. Few have any true entrepreneurial experience. And none have ever been trained in sales. Staff should be looking to you (Board Members) for some out-of-the-box thinking and some great ideas around funding, revenue streams, sales and more. Give it to them.