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“People don’t want more messages; they want more INTERACTIONS.”

Another great quote from John Maeda, current President of RISD and author of one of my favorite books, The Laws of Simplicity.

He goes on to say, “There’s no perfect memo where you can press SEND and get connected, or a Facebook group you can join to be committed.”

In this case, I think he is using the word ‘messages’ as blogs, tweets, posts, email, etc.

*If you’re a follower of For Impact, you know how big we are on the whole ‘MESSAGE’ thing. In our world, this means articulating a clear, concise, compelling, convincing, consistent MESSAGE around the vision and the purpose of the organization.

Note: The key word in Maeda’s comment is around ‘INTERACTIONS‘.


And, of course, JUST ASK. JUST ASK. JUST ASK.