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Perseverance and Persistence

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

A very ‘small‘ thing happened to me recently that may have a ‘big‘ impact on you.

I was working with a wonderful young Social Entrepreneur who has an opportunity to scale and grow her business to literally change the world.

I gave her the name of someone I thought would be a tremendous help as Champion, as an Investor and as a strong Advisor (who was deeply engaged in her sector and an expert at what she was trying to do.)

I asked her to follow-up with me and I would make the contact and introduction.

Almost two months went by. I didn’t hear anything. Then I received two-line email saying she had ‘forgot’ and wondered if I could still help. In the normal rush of a busy day, I laid it aside and meant to get back to it.

Just found it this morning. Almost two months again from the email.

I realize part of this is certainly my fault. However, if you are a Social Entrepreneur… if you are truly trying to change the world, you need to be waaaaay more perseverant and persistent!

As they say in the States, “Keep the ball in your court.” It’s up to you to do the FOLLOW-UP!