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Arthur’s Day

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

At 12:59 today, I will be at the Guinness Building in Dublin, Ireland, helping to celebrate Arthur’s Day and generate funds for the Arthur Guinness Fund for Social Entrepreneurs.

Arthur’s Day refers to a series of music events, which were first organized in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewing company by its owner Diageo plc.

Those events took place internationally in the cities of Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, New York and Yaoundé on 23 September 2009. The event was broadcast internationally on Sky TV, ITV2 and DirecTV. €6 million has been pledged to the Arthur Guinness Fund. The celebration has been endorsed by several high-profile names, such as rock star-turned political activist Bob Geldof, director and screenwriter Guy Ritchie, footballer and Guinness football ambassador for Africa Michael Essien and British celebrities such as Peter Crouch, Sophie Dahl.

Guinness drinkers are expected to raise a glass to the memory of Arthur Guinness at 17:59 (5:59pm), a reference to 1759, the year the Guinness Brewery was established.