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8 Ways to Lose in Business

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Really good insights from John Maxwell, leadership expert speaker and author. This is from his column in October Success Magazine.

It caught my attention right away that Maxwell referenced the seed of this particular lesson came from the former President of Coca-Cola, Don Keough. Don Keough is a big-time Notre Dame Champion, an investor, as well as involved and committed to projects in Ireland.

The 8 ‘rules and attitudes’ to follow if you want to ‘lose in business’ or in your For Impact organization or in your life are as follows:

    1. Quit taking risks.
    2. Relay totally on experts and research to make decisions for you.
    3. Always ask yourself, “What would the founder have done?”
    4. Concentrate on your competitor instead of your customer.
    5. Administrative concerns take precedence over all others.
    6. Be inflexible.
    7. Look to someone else to do your thinking for you.
    8. Memorize the motto, “That’s good enough.”

Here’s the full column from Success.