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Sales Attitude: How to think about December

Daily Nuggets | | Nick Fellers

“Should we plan on doing fewer visits with prospects this month, because of the holidays?”


“Should we keep pushing because people give at year’s end?”

We get a lot of questions about this every year and our coaching advice is always the same: Keep working your list.

It’s a great time to be engaging (1:1) with your prospects/relationships:

  • If they can’t meet due to the holidays, you can setup a time to connect in early January. Better to do that now than to come back to the office and call – at which time everyone would say, “I’m just getting re-oriented from the holidays. Get back with me in a few weeks.”
  • In my experience, for every person or family that can’t meet now, there is another for whom there will be no better time to meet. Some of my best visits + asks have been in December.

Whatever you do – don’t make excuses for not making visits.