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Sales Attitude: How to think about December

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

“Should we plan on doing fewer visits with prospects this month, because of the holidays?”


“Should we keep pushing because people give at year’s end?”

We get a lot of questions about this every year. Our coaching advice:

Keep working your list. It’s a great time to be engaging (1:1) with your prospects/relationships.

  • If they can’t meet due to the holidays you can setup a time to connect in early January. Better to do that now than to come back to the office and call – at which time everyone would say, “I’m just getting re-oriented from the holidays… let’s wait a few weeks.”
  • Speaking from my own experience, for every person or family that can’t meet now, there is another for whom there will be no better time to meet. Some of my best visits + asks have been in December.

Whatever you do… don’t make excuses for not making visits.