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More of Seth Godin…

Synchronicity? Read ‘POKE THE BOX‘. 24 hours later reading SUCCESS magazine with a great article on Reinvent Yourself by Seth!

I’ll touch on all ‘7 ways’ to reinvent later, but you need to understand #5 right now!


*This could/should be one of those ‘magic nuggets’ that changes your language (like Collins’ ‘Bus’, Loehr’s ‘Manage Energy, Not Time’, etc.)

“Scarcity creates value. People pay extra for things that are hard to get.

So, what’s scarce???

The ability to ship.”

Seth captures the 3rd part of the Entrepreneur’s Mantra (THINK BIG. BUILD SIMPLE. ACT NOW.) with one word: SHIP!

“Have the guts, the heart, the passion… to ‘SHIP‘!”

“Winners have turned INITIATIVE (ACT NOW/SHIP) into a passion and a practice.”

Get things done. Ship the product. Close the sale. Start stuff. Make a difference. Make things happen. Change the world.

Note: In our For Impact world… SHIP = VISIT = PRESENT THE OPPORTUNITY. Or, better yet… SHIP = JUST ASK!