For Impact

Org Solutions

“Every organization is perfectly designed to get the results that it’s getting.”
– Tim Kight

We provide strategic coaching and training-based solutions to help organizations design for funding success:
  • Start-up funding efforts. (E.g., “We want to build an individual giving program.”)
  • Campaign efforts. (E.g., “We want to launch an integrative campaign to tell our story to the community, incorporating all types of funding: ongoing, special projects and long-term transformation.”)
  • Enterprise-level funding efforts. (E.g., “We want to build a culture of philanthropy and a model for team-selling.”)
Set up a phone discussion with a For Impact Coach ( or 614-352-2505) to learn more.

Get Started With…

  • Speaking
  • Board Workshops
  • Custom Training
  • Attending a Boot Camp

Customized Solutions for…

  • Story / Message Clarification
  • Engagement Tool Development
  • Organizational Vision & Priorities (Strategy)
  • Attending a Boot Camp
  • Funding Model / Plan / Roadmap
  • Prospect Identification & Strategy
  • Talent Identification (Search)
  • Team Development
  • Campaigns (Planning & Execution)
  • Funding Results

For Funders…

  • We partner with funders to provide grantee support and capacity building around telling story, building teams and creating resilient funding strategies.