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Video, Qualify Prospects | | Nick Fellers

Nick shows the power of the creative thinking strategy of The Last Investor.


The Last Prospect will help you to think out of the box to acquire visits with high-capacity prospects: What if you were down to your very last possible prospective investor?

If you can convince that person to get on board with your organization, he or she will bring all the money and prospects in the world; but if you fail to acquire this prospect, you have to shut your doors. If this were the case, what would you do to get an opportunity to sit down and visit with them? Whether you rent a limo, host an extravagant dinner, or show up at their doorstep, you would do whatever it takes and to whatever extent to get them face-to-face.

Approaching your top prospects like they are the last prospect will motivate and inspire you to find a way to sit down with them and deliver a powerful visit.

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