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Ideas from 3 recent training sessions have come together to provide another For Impact FRAMEWORK that we think can really help you execute on our Sales-Driven, Top-Down, Predispose-Present-Follow-Up Methodology.

Here’s the visual [pdf handout here].

These 3 Concentric Circles represent a great way to look at your organization’s ‘TALENT’… and how it might be most effectively used.

The Blue-Red-Green Team is a great visual, frame and answer re: ‘How to Get Visit‘.

  • Use your ‘Blue’ Team to help with predisposition, open doors, and even set up the visit.

  • ‘Blue’ Team can be engaged before the visit, on the visit or after the visit
  • ‘Blue’ Team represents best example of 3 Degrees of Separation. (Kevin Bacon/6 Degrees actually 2.78. Less than ‘3 moves’ from any other actor.)


    • In many cases, you are only

1 person

    removed from who you want to see.
    • *This is especially true in


    • and

North Dakota.

  • ‘Blue’ Team never goes alone/solo on a visit!
    *We don’t do ‘peer-to-peer’ solicitation. Just ‘trading dollars’. Always a professional staff person engaged on visit.
  • ‘Red’ Team can also help with visits, especially with phone follow-up and call backs.
  • ‘Green’ Team is always the R.M. (Relationship Manager). No exceptions to this. (But, doesn’t mean they have to be on every visit.)

This visual provided a real EPIPHANY/EUREKA moment for a College Sales Team: Deans can help get visit, but the Deans don’t have to be on every visit. And, they (‘Green’ Team) don’t have to set up every visit themselves.

Action: Use this Team Selling framework to increase the number of visits… and your closes/commitments.

Note: This framework works for a ‘Business’ Sales Team as well. Share it with your Board as a ‘nugget’ they might find helpful.

Special Invitation: I will be covering this as one of the ideas/nuggets in next week’s teleseminar ON PROSPECTS. SIGN UP HERE!!!