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The 3 C’s: For Pilots In A Crisis

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

This comes from Mary Slaughter, Chief Learning Office of Sun Trust Banks, in an interview with Lisa Gschwandtner in Selling Power.

“All flight instructors tell their student pilots what to do if they get lost in the air.” (What I would call a Crisis or Challenge or Change.)

    1. Stay Calm. (Getting worked up in a crisis is going to make it worse, not better.)
    2. Climb. (Get higher. Look farther. Have a better sense of where you are and a greater likelihood of figuring out where you want to go.)
    3. Communicate. (Get on the radio and call for help. Don’t try to solve this by yourself.)

Not a bad Checklist for non-pilots who are leading Change in these Chaotic times.