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On Change!, Story | | Tom Suddes

In How To Change The World, David is very clear about one thing:


He talks about the huge chunks of time that are spent thinking about FINANCING/FUNDING/INCOME (vs. time focused on IMPACT.)

Covey’s succinct and powerful thought is still right on:

No Money. No Mission.

However, the corollary is even more important to me.

No Mission. No Money.

Most of you have seen what I consider to be our most powerful INSIGHT:

NOT the other way around!

I won’t belabor you here with this point of view, but, I would simply remind you, David and every other Social Entrepreneur and For Impact Leader in the world that there is so much money out there to help change the world. There are more financial resources available than anyone could possibly spend.

I’m not just talking about McKinsey’s $100 BILLION left on the table … UNASKED.

I’m talking about a TRANSFER OF WEALTH in the next 30 to 50 years of $100 TRILLION!!!

(Give or take a couple of bucks)

And, I’m talking about those people who have had their ‘Bill Gates Shower Moment’… people committed to move from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE!

*These are the people you want to Visit with, Share the Story and Present the Opportunity.

Here are three quotes to help you begin the PROCESS.


BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world.”
– Gandhi


Gandhi’s ubiquitous quote is on everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs to bumper stickers.

CHANGE is up to us.

Some people can actively CHANGE ‘THE’ WORLD. All of us can CHANGE ‘OUR’ WORLD (our impact, our income, our health, our relationships, our lives).


– Peter Drucker


Mr. Drucker was THE management guru and acknowledged thought leader in the field of leadership and organizational development.

Here’s a perfect example of his clear and challenging thinking. Don’t just ‘CHANGE’ something, CHANGE something BIG!!! (e.g. “The PERFORMANCE CAPACITY of SOCIETY!!!”)


“Stop BEGGING for change. Start begging for CHANGE.
– Robert Egger


Bob Egger’s wonderful book title and even more wonderful content provides a catchy, pithy way to talk about radical transformation, creative destruction and Quantum Leap innovation.

Not quite there yet?

Read on.