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Quotes to Help You With Change

On Change!, Story | | Tom Suddes


EVERY organization needs to ABANDON
almost EVERYTHING that it does.”

– Peter Drucker


to get the RESULTS they are getting.”

– Tim Kight


“If you don’t like CHANGE,
you’re going to like IRRELEVANCE even less.”

– General Erik Shinseki


“I don’t trust anyone who isn’t trying to CHANGE the world.”
-Tom Peters


“We don’t need COINS. We need CHANGE.
– Sign in a Window


CHANGE is one thing. PROGRESS is another.”
– Bertrand Russell


“The cumulative weight of experience
makes it very hard to CHANGE.

– Dr. Michael Merzenich, UCSF Professor


“We have to be prepared for CHANGE.”
– Santiago in The Alchemist


CHANGE your THOUGHTS and you can CHANGE the world.”
– Norman Vincent Peale


CHANGE is inspired best by EMOTIONAL APPEALS,
rather than factual statements.”

– Edward Bernays


LEADERS can’t help but CHANGE the present,
because the present isn’t good enough.”

– Marcus Buckingham


“It’s often easier to KILL an organization
than CHANGE it in any significant way.”

– Kevin Kelly


“If people in organizations can’t CHANGE,
the organization will die.”

– John Byrne


“It’s easier to change PEOPLE than to CHANGE people.”
– Kets de Vries (via Tom Peters)


“People don’t CHANGE.
You’re either an eagle or a duck. It is what it is.”

-Tom Suddes