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The Gathering in Ireland

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Ireland, as a country and economy, has been devastated even more than the United States in this latest global ‘recession’. Banks have collapsed. Developers have left multiple ‘ghost towns’ of vacant half-finished housing projects. The Catholic Church has lost a lot of its influence. Government austerity programs are in place.

I’ve been to Ireland five times since 2009, to help FOR IMPACT ORGANIZATIONS change their philanthropic culture (or lack thereof) … and scale and grow their impact.

Every time I visit, I am impressed and amazed at the spirit of the Irish people. They have responded to Michael Collins (Irish Revolutionary Leader) and his 1922 definition of ‘riches’. “The real riches of the Irish nation will be the men and women of the Irish nation, the extent to which they are rich in body and mind and character.”

We have partnered with Business to Arts, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, the One Foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies, the Iris O’Brien Foundation and the Arthur Guinness Fund to help change the philanthropic culture from the old ‘story’ (“Government will fund everything. Why should I give?”) to the new ‘story’ (“Philanthropic support is a critical component in Ireland’s future.”)

2013 marks THE GATHERING IRELAND, a year-long celebration of Ireland, its people and all that is great in its connections, both at home and abroad.

The Suddes Group is proud to be hosting our own FOR IMPACT GATHERING IRELAND on May 20, 2013. This Memorable Experience will take place at the iconic Abbey Theatre … and is open to all For Impact (not-for-profit) leaders, staff and boards, social entrepreneurs and anyone else wanting to change the world or change Ireland.

This is Gaelic for IMPACT and INCOME … and it’s working! Results in Ireland have been nothing short of spectacular working within this new philanthropic model. (JUST ASK, however, is still a difficult concept for the Irish. In fact, they don’t even have a word for it! ACH DÍREACH CUIR CEIST is the closest they can come … which is Gaelic for BUT ONLY PUT THE QUESTION!)

For information on the For Impact Gathering in Ireland, click here. Register before April 19, 2013, and save €150 (off the full price of €195 per person) by using the discount code ficommunity.

Special Note: For U.S. members of our ‘Tribe’, this is a great ‘excuse’ to head to Ireland for some Advanced Training … and engagement with the Irish people. Contact for more information.