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Re: Revenue. The job of marketing. The job of sales.

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

I stumbled on a great read: If Disney Ran Your Hospital.

It caught my attention because one of the first lines of the books reads:

“The job of marketing is to provide qualified leads for sales.”

Think about that line as it relates to your organization.

  • Marketing v. Sales: Look at your funding efforts. Many of them are really marketing efforts — begging the question, where is the sales function?
  • How can you use your ‘marketing functions’ (in my book: mail, social media, events) as fulfilling the stated job above? This changes the game.

  • Problem is I think many try to use marketing (again, in my book: mail, social, media, events) as the centerpieces of a funding strategy. This frame forces an adjustment. If you do them at all (not sure you should be doing them at all) then be sure they provide QUALIFIED LEADS because your organization is COMMITTED TO SALES!