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The Power of Story

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Everything you do should be built around a STORY!

As often happens, Nick and I came at this whole STORY thing independently during our ongoing work, coaching and training. We were at the Creek kicking around some ideas for upcoming Board and Custom Training when we realized that we had both been putting increasing emphasis on the whole idea of STORY.

STORYLINES. STORYBOARDS. STORYTELLING. We finally agreed that the Power of Story transcended just about everything.

The ‘Short List’:

    The ORGANIZATION STORY. (Founding. Problem/Solution. Etc.)
    The MESSAGE STORY. (Purpose. Vision. 30,000’.)
    Your PERSONAL STORY. (Part of Flow/Open. 3 Bullets.)
    The LEGACY/HISTORY STORY. (100 Years Old. Founded before the Country. 1st whatever.)
    The MATH/NUMBER STORY. (The Gap. Income & Expenses. Revenue Streams.)
    The CAUSE & CASE STORY. (Again, Problem/Solution. Impact.)
    The MODEL STORY. (Business Model. Funding Model.)
    The PLAN STORY. (The HOW we will get there. The ‘Blue’ Plan and the ‘Green’ Plan.)
    The FUNDRAISING/DEVELOPMENT STORY. (Authentic. Haven’t been out asking, etc.)