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The Visual Shift

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Shortly after reading THE VALUE OF A GOOD VISUAL at HBR, I’m reading my new Fast Company for April and came across THE VISUAL SHIFT.

Article leads with: Facebook Acquiring Instagram for $715M. Pinterest hits 2.5B monthly page views. We are living in an image-obsessed times.

Just think about these words from the ‘Creative Visionary’ Joe Stewart, Partner and Global Creative Director at HUGE, a New York Based Digital Agency.

“The ability to instantly communicate through IMAGERY (my caps) now seems to transcend everything for businesses, for content-creators, for e-commerce companies, for mass brands.”

“Facebook, the most popular website out there, decides that IMAGES (again my caps) are more important than the written word when they put a color photo at the top if its pages.”

“We now understand that humans can parse tons of VISUAL INFORMATION quickly. The ratio of your time to your satisfaction is high.”

A big part of me wants to say, “No kidding!” Again, it’s the ‘picture worth the thousand words’ mantra/epigram that’s been around since Paleo-Man started drawing on cave walls!

I know I’m sounding like the proverbial ‘broken record’. (Not even sure that metaphor works in this day and age, since nobody even knows what a ‘record’ is!)

However, I am not going to pull back from challenging the For Impact ‘Tribe’ to:

  • Make DESIGN a big, big part of your strategy.
  • Make VISUALS a mandatory part of your Story, Message and Engagement Tools
  • Tap into the ‘RIGHT SIDE’ of everyone’s brain … for the absolute fastest way to “You had me at hello”, “I get it”, “I’m in”.