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The Last Investor

On Prospects | | Tom Suddes

This is a metaphor that might just be the break through you need to make a Quantum Leap!!
WHAT IFyou were down to your very LAST INVESTOR (aka “Donor”)
WHAT IFthe fate and future of your organization and CAUSE were entirely up to one LAST INVESTOR?

Think about it:

IF… you convince them of your vision… communicate your impact and mission… involve them in your leadership process…
THEN… they will MAXIMIZE their INVESTMENT… and, bring along OTHERS to COMMIT and INVEST.

HOWEVER… if they don’t ‘GET IT’…. They’re gone. History.
If you can’t communicate your MESSAGE in a clear, concise and compelling fashion, then they will be polite, but still gone.

The proverbial bottom line is simple: If you present to THE LAST INVESTOR…and THEY DON’T INVEST… you are ‘OUT OF BUSINESS’.

Challenge: How can you use this metaphor of THE LAST INVESTOR to change the way you approach your best PROSPECTS?