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Right Now Is A Great Time To Learn

Daily Nuggets | | Nick Fellers

Right now is a great time to learn.

By many accounts we’re in the midst of ‘economic turmoil’ like most of us have not seen in our lifetime. Two ways to think about this.. For me /for us/ for our orgs this is all opportunity. We can learn things now that we couldn’t learn for… we can learn things now that will be leveraged by our companies/orgs for the next 50 years!

So many people are freezing right now. Keep running. It’s a great time to learn about:
– ‘these conditions’
– functions of the marketplace
– ways you can strengthen your system
– relationships in your community.

Jan 1 I jumped in to function as a ‘development officer’ at an organization. I’m usually a trainer or a strategic coach (read: outsider). However, right now is the most incredible time to innovate, test, try and learn — in the field. It’s the ultimate challenge – producing results in this environment (is proving VERY POSSIBLE) and it can translate to success in any environment.

One thing I’ve had reinforced is that entrepreneurs move the world – not ‘companies’. Most companies are like cold-blooded animals that slow-down or hibernate when things get cold. They literally go into preservation mode by not moving. Entrepreneurs are like warm-blooded animals. They run faster to stay warm! The lesson: work with more entrepreneurs or ‘entrepreneurial companies’. Not only are they actually moving – they’re going to be much better ‘conditioned’ when things heat up.