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Today Is The First Day of Your Life

Reading one of my favorite magazines (SUCCESS) early this morning. Great article on Entrepreneurship. Quick profile on Jeff Bezos and Amazon. I guess he did a video on “Everything I know, and it’s a short list.” (I need to do the same thing.) He concludes with this:

“The final thing I know, it’s always DAY 1.”

This is kind of a running joke with my youngest son, Taggart. Every morning when dropping him for school, the last thing I’d say was:

“Remember. TODAY is the FIRST DAY of the rest of your life.”

[He would look at me like any other 14-year-old and say, “Huh?”]

First Day. Day 1. Today. This is a great time of the year to move forward with this kind of attitude. Re-Invention… Re-Design… Re-Imagine… begins TODAY.

This Eskimo proverb provides a great metaphor.

“Yesterday is ASHES.
Tomorrow is WOOD.