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Year End Exercise — 100 Memories

Daily Nuggets | | Nick Fellers

I posted this last year – got a lot of positive feedback so I’m posting again this New Year’s Eve.

Every year-end I make a list of 100 memories from the year. These could be events, moments, firsts, lasts, etc. etc.

It’s a great way to reflect on the year and prepare for the next.

This tradition was inspired by Michael Gelb’s How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. He says one of Leo’s brainstorming exercises was to come up with 100 big questions about life, the universe, etc. The idea is that the first 30 will be easy. The next 30 will be cool and the remaining questions will be profound, insightful and guiding. You will see telling themes emerge.

The same is true of the 100 memories list. After you get past obvious moments like weddings, travels and births the really some great insights about what you value/treasure start to emerge. Watch those themes and design your 09 to make more memories like these!

You can do this solo, with your team or family. And, it will probably take you a few hours. If you don’t have time for that, just do a top 30 – still great to capture at least those memories!

I won’t bore you with my list except to say many of my memories come from meeting cool For Impact leaders on-the-road… so many smart, passionate and inspiring people changing the world. Thanks for 2008.

I would love to hear about some of the adventures/memories/reflections from this year. We have some pretty ‘crazy’ (cool) social entrepreneurs reading the WOW. What’s on your list?