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1,000 Push Ups

Blog | | Tom Suddes

I’m up at Notre Dame doing my ‘boxing coach’ thing. Hard to believe it’s my 40th year of involvement with the Bengal Bouts.

This year marks the 79th Annual Tournament, which has grown to 225+ boxers and 4 nights of fights, with all the proceeds ($75,000+) going to the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh. (To view a short take on the program, see Strong Bodies Fight, put together by our Captain, Mark Weber.)

33 days of PRACTICE (TRAINING). 2-3 hours a day. And, half of the participants will fight one match, 3 rounds… 4½ minutes!!! Even the finalists end up fighting only 19+ minutes! [You better love to train…and realize it’s for a greater cause.]

We set a goal of 10,000 PUSH-UPS, which means 300+ pushups every day leading to the tournament.

Last Friday, we did 1,000 PUSH-UPS in 41 minutes. (Sequence was 60, 50, 50, then 40, 39, 38, etc. to 1 + 10 + 10).

At the end, most can’t lift their arms over their heads. But, as you can imagine, huge adrenaline rush.

GOALS. MATH. CHUNKS. (Swoosh… Just Do It!)