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No More Resolutions

Personal Development | | Tom Suddes

January, the month, is named after Janus, God of All Beginnings. In 153 B.C., January replaced March as the first month of the Roman calendar. And, some citizen of Rome came up with the first NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.

We’ve been setting… and then breaking… these resolutions for over 2000 years!

I read something from Michael Guld (author, speaker, radio commentator) where he pointed out that these New Year’s RESOLUTIONS almost always evoke feelings of guilt. Quit. Lose. Reduce. Eliminate. The implication is to improve, fix or repair something that’s broken. Guld said most people MAKE their resolutions on January 1st and BREAK them by February 1st.

Having owned a couple of athletic clubs in my past life, as well as belonging to athletic facilities my entire adult life, I can verify that the ‘mad rush’ of people trying to get in shape to meet their January Resolution is always over by February 1st.

I believe the simple alternative to making RESOLUTIONS is setting GOALS. It’s not just semantics or a change of words. It’s the concept.

GOALS are positive, uplifting, visible and motivating. If written down, they can become SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECIES.

It’s still JANUARY! If you haven’t set or completed your GOALS and the accompanying ACTION PLAN… do so immediately. Then make it happen.