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167 x 20% = 33

Execution | | Tom Suddes

I’ve just used this simple, powerful ENGAGEMENT MATH with two great coaching clients. It’s so powerful that I wanted to share it with everyone. I actually think you can make it work (certainly in principle) no matter the size of the organization.


167 VISITS (15/Month for 11 Months… 30+ Visits/Month for 6 Months…
55 Visits/Month for 3 Months. Just ÷ by Number of People on the Sales Team)167 x 20% = 33


x 20% (Engage with 167 Qualified Prospects. Do Discovery. Share the Story. Present the Opportunity. Minimum 1 in 5 will make a Transformational Gift/ Commitment.)


33 (These 33 Gifts will match up to your GIFT CHART, which is a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY.)



Suggestion: Don’t ‘question’. Don’t ‘think’. Just go ‘DO’. ENGAGE.