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3 Big Things We Created …

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

We had almost everybody to Eagle Creek last week for year-end review, 2014 goals and planning and some serious celebration!

As I was listening to the team talk about impact that we have had in 2013, I was reminded of the power of our thinking, models and frameworks.

Three of the really big things that resonated most with clients and in our trainings were actually things that we (kind of) invented:

    1. MASTER PROSPECT LIST. Top-down, descending order of importance, rating based primarily on Capacity and Relationship, not ‘siloed’ into individual or corporate or foundation or whatever and more.
    In all the sales trainings I’ve attended over the years and all the sales books I’ve read … I’ve not seen anyone use this concept of the MPL to drive Prioritization and Strategy with prospects.
    2. PREDISPOSITION. Again, this is a term that we coined (pun intended) to raise a lot more money. Professionals in the For Impact world do not make ‘cold calls‘. We predispose before any contact with our best prospects and before every visit. Professionals know they have 30 minutes, on average, for the Presentation of the Opportunity. Anything and everything that we can do before that presentation to help the prospect make a decision is invaluable.
    ***The three parts to our Sales Process are of equal importance: PREPARATION/PREDISPOSITION … PRESENTATION … FOLLOW-UP.
    3. THE ENGAGEMENT TOOL. This one-page PRESENTATION FLOW, at altitude, has become an absolutely indispensable part of our client and coaching success.

Special Note: We are committed in 2014 to continue bringing you as many ideas and frameworks and nuggets as we can to help you make an even greater IMPACT. Stay tuned for re-designed to better serve as a resource.