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Coming off a crazy few weeks.  I had some time early this morning to reflect on my time in California with Sparkseed’s DANGEROUSLY AMBITIOUS 2010 superstars!  Was literally surrounded by very, very, very dangerously ambitious young men and women not just dreaming about changing the world… but actually doing it!

Every Social Entrepreneur, For Impact Leader, Social Enterprise Founding Team… needs money.  It’s a given.

Every one of these superstars wanted the ‘magic answer’ for their next round of financing.

I found myself giving the same ‘coaching’ to almost every one of them.  Here it is.


Everybody is trying to finish their Business Plan.  Pretending they’re going to meet with Venture Capitalists.  Practicing their pitch.  Looking at presenting to hundreds of potential investors.

In literally every case… I forced the issue/begged the question:

WHAT IF… you visited/met with your absolute best 3 CHAMPIONS???

One of these 3 people you already know and is involved with you.  The other 2 are deeply involved and engaged in the ‘space’ (the Cause, Entrepreneurship or whatever).

  • CHAMPIONS are obvious.
  • CHAMPIONS don’t need a 75-page Business Plan!!  They’re investing in you!
  • CHAMPIONS are meant to be advisors AND investors!!!
  • CHAMPIONS are ANGELSnot Venture Capitalists!  Actually, they’re ARCH-ANGELS!
  • CHAMPIONS let you do the math, lay out your use of funds over the next 3 to 6 months, and then PRESENT THEM THE OPPORTUNITY to be part of your change the world solution.

The more I thought about this 3 CHAMPION strategy, the more I realized it wasn’t just for start-ups or Social Entrepreneurs or new Social Enterprises.

It’s true for every single FOR IMPACT ORGANIZATION!!!

WOW:  If every organization involved with For Impact right now were to go out and visit with their 3 CHAMPIONS… they could raise a minimum of $1.5 BILLION in 3 DAYS!!!

Based on over 35 years of banging around in this 3rd Sector with thousands and thousands of organizations… I can tell you that there is nothing stopping you from doing this… and guarantee you that the results of visits with these 3 CHAMPIONS will transform your organization.

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*The Math: 5,000 Organizations x 3 Champions x $100,000 Champion/Angel Investment = $1.5 Billion.