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Notes From The Field: 3 Big Simplicity Lessons Reaffirmed

Execution, Simplicty | | Tom Suddes

I just spent 48 hours with two incredible (but so different!) For Impact Organizations.

Here are the 3 big lessons on SIMPLICITY that were reaffirmed in so many ways.

1. Build a SIMPLE MESSAGE… around your CORE SOLUTION.

2. Build a SIMPLE CASE… around your SIMPLE MATH.

3. Build a SIMPLE PLAN… around your CASE and MATH.

The ‘SIMPLE MESSAGE’ was reinforced with two incredible social entrepreneurs whose entire message can be captured in those magic 6 WORDS… that were already part of their organization NAME and their organization TAGLINE!

The SIMPLE CASE and SIMPLE MATH applied to both organizations. Turn a ‘Master Plan’ into a very Simple 3-Point Case with 3 Specific Phases. Look at the ‘MATH’ and pick a number ($100M in this case) and the required gifts to achieve this goal. Use the MATH of $13 a day per child from the public sector and the $10 per day per child ‘Need’/’GAP’ to build a SPONSOR MODEL around $3,650 per year (sponsors a child) and $10,000 a year (sponsors a family).

Finally, turn the Message, the Case, and the Math into a SIMPLE ACTIONABLE PLAN! We’re going out to test the Case with five or six of our very best prospect. We’re going to get 3 champions to get 3 other sponsors who will get 3 sponsors. We’re going to meet with the Mayor who is one of our current partners and super champions. And on and on and on.

***Special, Special, Special Note: As this incredible former Marine and Social entrepreneur said, “I just didn’t realize it could be this SIMPLE.”

It is.