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For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

In the restaurant business to ’86’ something means NO MORE. They’re out of it.

I heard somewhere that this comes from an old New York City Steakhouse where the most popular steak on the menu was numbered 86… and always ran out.

You need to ’86’ a lot of things right now if you’re going to move forward.

Here’s a quick example of what needs to be 86, no more, abandon, sacred sows turned into hamburger, baggage to be left behind, etc.


Not-for-Profit. Charity. Tax-Exempt. Asking for Money. Fundraising. Mission Statements. Special Events. Volunteer Solicitations. Bored Boards. Trading Dollars. Cash to Endowment. Sustainability. Silos. Appointments. Begging. Traditional Campaigns. Feasibility Studies. Strategic Plans. Building Campaigns. Case Statements. Donors. Donations. Cultivation. Annual Funds. Transactions.

Attached is a great Visual of No More.