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A $5 Million Collaborative Partner

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Here’s a great story from the field that just happened. I have changed the names and the organization and even the sector to protect the ‘innocent’ (or ‘guilty’).

A FOR IMPACT ORGANIZATION (FIO) with an amazing story had a very close working relationship with a FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION (FPO). The FPO actually provided services for the FIO to the tune of $4 to $5 Million a year.

In the initial strategy session, we strongly recommended that this FPO be looked upon as a Top 3 Prospect. Based on previous history, no gift record, existing business relationship… there was a pretty strong ‘pushback’ from the FIO.

Finally, everyone was convinced that this was at least “worth a shot”. My recommendation was to ask for $1 Million a year for five years. (Remember: Current giving history is zero!)

As Paul Harvey would say, “Here’s the rest of the story.”

FIO CEO meets with FPO CEO and basically says, “Thank you for all you do for us. We are scaling and growing our impact. We would like you to be a Lead Partner in that growth.”

FPO CEO response: “I don’t think we can actually ‘give‘ you any money. However, we can certainly reduce the cost of the services that we provide.”

WOW! SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY! This will turn into a $1 Million a year reduction in the current cost of operations for the FIO! Talk about ‘budget relief‘ on steroids!

Whether the $1 Million/$5 Million is an outright gift… or a reduction of expenses… it still has the same amazing transformational result for the FIO.