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Untemeher*: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

This week’s thinking (and writing) is focused on ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP’.

Whether you’re a ‘Social’ Entrepreneur, a ‘Business’ Entrepreneur, Intrapreneurial or Entrepreneurial ‘wannabe’… ‘ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT’ can help you attain almost unimaginable goals.

Very few people in the 3rd Sector think like Entrepreneurs. However, if you look at the definition of Entrepreneurial and Social Entrepreneurs in the these quotes, you will see the instant application of this attitude.

    Performance Changers!
    Transformative Forces!
    Creative Destructors!
    Value Creators!
    Opportunity Exploiters!
    Rule Breakers!
    Risk Takers!
    Love What They Do!
    Live What They Love!

*Untemeher is German for ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT!