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“Always On…”

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

“In this day and age, people expect access all the time… not when the company (organization) wants to ‘sell’, but when the customer wants to ‘buy’.” (Which is 24/7… ‘always on‘.)

This comes from my friends Kelly and Nancy, who run one of the ‘hottest/coolest’ integrated marketing firms in the world.

Here’s Kelly’s visual:

The ‘On-Off’ Model reminds me of why Traditional Campaigns are so outdated, out moded, out everythinged.

Every organization should be looking at the ‘Always On‘ Model of TODAY | TOMORROW | FOREVER.

[vs. the ‘Feasibility Study/Case Statement/Strategic Plan/Silent Phase/Public Phase/General Phase… Pause 3-5 Years… then Repeat’ Model!!!]