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Ask Google to ‘Google’!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Got to do something last week in Ireland that I imagine few people have done.

I was looking to meet up with the wonderful leadership of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. 35 Barrows Street. “By the canal.” Great 25-minute walk. Found Barrows Street. However, in Ireland, there are no numbers/street addresses on the buildings.

After stumbling around, looked up and saw the GOOGLE logo on a building. It was their European Headquarters!

Walked into the lobby and asked the receptionist to do me a favor… could she ‘google‘ something for me. Thankfully, she laughed. Then she not only pulled up the address and the building but put the picture of the building up on their giant screen!

While I’m not exactly a ‘tech guy’, I finally figured out how to use Google.