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Sustainability vs. Transformation

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

An absolutely ‘brilliant’ line that Stuart McLaughlin, Head of Business to Arts in Ireland and a true For Impact leader, shared with me late in the day after our trainings.

“I have no absolutely no interest in ‘SUSTAINABILITY’. I’m looking for TRANSFORMATION.”

It certainly fit into the whole theme last week in Ireland. The sustainability word is on everybody’s agenda, but I firmly believe it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Special Note: Stuart and I had a great conversation about one of the biggest differences between the For Profit/Business World and ‘Not-For-Profits’. In the real world, businesses and organizations go out of business all the time. The number of new businesses who don’t make it to the third year is staggering.

However, in the world of ‘Charity’ and ‘Not-For-Profit’… rarely, if ever, does one of these organizations actually go out of business. They don’t pay their people. Executive Director takes minimal, if any, salary. Can always find people to give them enough money to ‘survive’.

There’s just something inherently wrong with this.

Ridiculous duplication of effort. (6,000 organizations with ‘cancer’ in their name!)

Little, if any, collaboration.

No concept of ‘M & A’ (‘Mergers & Acquisitions’).

Either make a true IMPACT… or move on to other things.