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My friend John Macheca is a smart, experienced entrepreneur (30 years)… who has also worked in Development/Major Gifts.

He and his wife/partner Jean joined us for the recent Custom Training at Eagle Creek. He shared another great way to talk about the 3 of our favorite letters of the alphabet: A.S.K.

The best TALENT for your org has a combination of:


Attitude is self-explanatory. You either have a great one… or not. (You cannot hire/spend time with the ‘or nots‘!)

Skill always helps. For me, this is usually about ‘soft’ skills like relationship-building, fun to be around, likeable, trustworthy, authentic, etc.

Knowledge is a combo of experience and curiosity. The more varied/eclectic the background/experience, the better.

Curiosity is a desire to learn, which means they seek out interesting stuff in books, online and with people.

Next time you go to hire (or for that matter, review), think about how they measure up to the A.S.K. quotient.