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Vision as Reality

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I watched my two partners make massive changes in 3 organizations at our Custom Training at Eagle Creek.

Nick and Kerry teamed up to help these already successful orgs… make the proverbial QUANTUM LEAP to the highest levels of IMPACT.

I was particularly impressed (as were the participants) at Nick’s ability to talk about VISIONTHE WHYTO WHAT END… in a way that wasn’t hoakey or B.S.

Nick simply challenged them to:

  • Have a clear, compelling VISION/PICTURE of the future… and their impact.
  • Be able to articulate that vision as a powerful MESSAGE… with 3 great STORYLINES.
  • Have the accompanying MATH and PLAN on how to get there.

I woke up this morning thinking about Nick and Kerry’s impact… and a Board Session I did in Sydney, Australia.

A pastor (who was definitely ON BOARD) said there were only 3 things that were critical for any organization’s success:

Common word? VISION. Not the ‘illusion or hallucination’ vision but the real vision… with real results.

Note: I hadn’t seen Nick and Kerry in action lately. We’ve been all around the country/around the world and don’t get to be together that often.

I was blown away at their performance. So was the group. They gave them a standing ovation!!!

*The former ‘students’ have far surpassed the (Old Guy) teacher.